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A Great Place to Stay

The owner did everything he could to make sure we were satisfied.”
- Claudiu

Great value for the money

Very friendly and helpfull man who worked there (Maybe the owner) Good breakfast, great value for the money.”
- Raija

I liked the pool

I liked the pool and the small balcony. It was close to Aegina but you need a car.”
- Δημητρης

Beautiful view

Friendly owners who make you feel at home. Beautiful view from rooms.”
- Rohit


Ela Mesa was great.”
- Ian

Very nice hotel

Very nice hotel.Very clean and owners are very friendly.Has everything that someone needs for summer holidays.We didnt have to look where to eat because Ela Mesa has excellent selection of food. Overall a great experience for our summer vacation.”
- Sofia

Nice and clean

It\\\'s nice and clean. Food is very good. Thrassos who is the owner and people helping him did everything they could to make sure we were satisfied.”
- Alex

Very friendly

Friendly stuff”
- Anna

Good for families

We stayed at the family studio connected rooms which are at the same level as the pool. It was very easy for the family to connect and we were just a metre away from the pool.”
- Argyro